Agrecovery Rural Recycling has scored a double win for farmers and growers with the introduction of on-farm collection for large drums and with dairy hygiene brand GEA FIL joining the programme.

The new service offers free on-property collection for empty drums and IBCs (from 61 to 1000 litres) from fourteen participating brand owners of agrichemical and dairy products.

The brands are Agrisource, Adama (formerly Agronica), Bayer, BioAg, Donaghys, Etec Crop Solutions, FIL, Farmguard, Orion Crop Protection, Post-Harvest Solutions, Ravensdown, Synergy, Syngenta and Yara. More brands are expected to join as customer demand grows.

“A solution for larger packaging is a natural next step for Agrecovery,” says Adrienne Wilcock, who represents DairyNZ on the Agrecovery Foundation. “Large scale farmers, spray contractors and dairy farmers especially should take note that their large drums and IBC’s can now be collected for free.”

Drum recovery will complement the existing Agrecovery container recycling programme which has grown to over 60 participating brands and recycled nearly 1 million kg of plastic since launch in 2007.

“It’s a good way for farmers to divert more waste from farm dumps or burning pits, especially in those areas where burning is now banned, like Canterbury and Southland.

“As a dairy farmer myself, I’ll be supporting the brands that offer this solution with Agrecovery.”

Drums can booked for collection online or by calling 0800 247 326. They must be empty, triple rinsed and reasonably clean. Other brands of drum can also be booked but will incur user-pays fees.

GEA FIL continues its commitment to sustainability

Dairy farmers across New Zealand will be delighted that containers and drums from well-known hygiene and teat-care brand FIL can now be recycled with Agrecovery.

“We are pleased to be associating our brand with Agrecovery. As Agrecovery now offers a recycling solution for all sizes of our dairy hygiene and teat care products, it fits in well with our ongoing commitment to offering a higher level of service to our customers,” says Jamie Mikkelson of GEA FIL.

In addition to free on-property collection for large drums, smaller FIL containers (60L and under) can be taken to any of the 70+ Agrecovery collection sites located across rural New Zealand. They must be empty, triple rinsed, and free from dirt and residue inside and out.

“It’s great to see FIL join with over sixty other brand owners to offer a sustainable alternative to unnecessary burning and burying of farm plastics,” says Mrs. Wilcock.

“Participating with Agrecovery is a simple way for our sector to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to protecting the environment and being good stewards of our land.”

Large drums from FIL and thirteen other brands can now be booked for free collection and recycling with Agrecovery

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