Drum and IBC Recycling

Make your empties go another
round with Agrecovery!

Don’t leave large drums and IBCs sitting empty on your property.
Agrecovery can collect them to re-use or recycle and it won’t cost you a thing.

How it works

1. Prepare

Drums/IBCs must be:

  • Plastic, 61 – 1,000 litres in size, with bung removed
  • Free from chemical residue and dirt inside and out, and left to dry after rinsing

2. Check participating brand owners

Only drums/IBCs from participating brand owners are free to recycle. Look for the Agrecovery logo on the drum or check our brand owner listing. Please leave the label on for identification.

Brand Owners

3. Book

Book your drums and IBCs online.

Your booking will be acknowledged by post or email.

Book online

If you aren’t already an Agrecovery member, register as a member

4. Collection

Collections will take place on a quarterly basis across New Zealand.

Booking month Collection month*
November, December, January February
February, March, April May
May, June, July August
August, September, October November

Quick Links

Helpful information to get you started with Drum and IBC recycling:


  • How is the programme funded? Participating Brand Owners pay a fee to the Agrecovery Foundation to cover programme costs.
  • What should I do with drums from non-participating brand owners? These can also be collected by Agrecovery, but a user-pays fee will apply at the time of booking.
  • Drums 61 – 210 litres: $19.50 + gst each
  • IBCs 500 or 1,000 litres: $80.00 + gst each
  • Better yet, switch to an Agrecovery brand or convince your supplier to get with the programme!

  • What happens to my drums? They are either returned to brand owners for re-use, or delivered to our recycling partners where they are either reconditioned or shredded for recycling, depending on  type and condition.
  • Can I get proof of my recycling for audit purposes? You can download recycling reports through the Members section of the website.
  • *Do collections always occur in the month shown? Generally, but collections may take place earlier in the quarter.

Drums – participating brand owners

Agpro Direct


Agrecovery Brand Owners BASF

Agrecovery Brand Owners Bell Booth

Agrecovery Brand Owners BioAg

Agrecovery Brand Owners Deosan

Agrecovery Brand Owners De Lava

Agrecovery Brand Owners Donaghys

Agrecovery Brand Owners Etec

Agrecovery Brand Owners Farm Guard

Agrecovery Brand Owners Fil Gea

Agrecovery Brand Owners Global Agrichem

Agrecovery Brand Owners Grosafe

Agrecovery Brand Owners Nufarm

Agrecovery Brand Owners Nutrimol

Agrecovery Brand Owners Orion

Agrecovery Brand Owners Pro-Active

Agrecovery Brand Owners Ravensdown

Agrecovery Brand Owners Synergy

Agrecovery Brand Owners Syngenta

Waikaitu LTD

Agrecovery Brand Owners Yara

Agrecovery Brand Owners Zeleam

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