Don’t burn or dump – It’s free to recycle!

We are excited to introduce a new product stewardship scheme for LDPE bags (No.4 plastic).

LDPE bags from participating brands, BASF and Yara can be recycled for FREE in the Waikato, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough and Canterbury Regions.


Step 1 – Contact

How do I get involved?

Call us on 0800 247 326 or email us to order your liners and coded zip ties for packing the bags into.

Contact Us

Step 2 – Cleaning

Rinse and drain

Empty bags MUST be triple rinsed and drained, removing all powder or crystal residue.

Acceptance Criteria

Step 3 – Packing


Put rinsed bags into your Agrecovery liner. This should fit 100 bags.

Once full, seal the liner with the zip tie. Each zip tie has a code on it. This is needed for the drop off site so that they can record your recycling in your Agrecovery account.

Store in a dry location.

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Step 5 – Drop off site

Drop your full liners off at your closest site:

  • Waikato – Metallic Sweeping, 1 Bruce Berquist Drive, Te Awamutu
    Please phone ahead – 027 207 3847
  • Hawke’s Bay – Bin Hire Co, Johnston Way, Whakatu Industrial Park, Hastings.
    Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm
  • Marlborough – Blenheim Resource Recovery Park, Wither Road Extension, Blenheim.
    Monday to Friday, 8am – 4:30pm, Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm
  • Canterbury – Molloy Agriculture, 402 Methven Chertsey Road, Rakaia.
    Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm..

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Have a question?

You can recycle rinsed LDPE bags that contained these products:


  • Kumulus DF (ACVM Registration P003493)
  • Polyram DF (ACVM Registration P002062)


  • Calcinit
  • Kristalon
  • Krista K
  • Croplift
  • Croplift K
  • Magtrac DF
  • Krista MAG
  • Krista MAP
  • Krista MKP
  • Krista SOP
  • Rexolin

We are working on setting up drop off sites nationwide, so keep an eye on our website to check when a location becomes available near you.

If you live outside of these regions and want to recycle LDPE bags now, call us on 0800 247 326 to discuss your options.

If you have LDPE bags from another brand ask them about joining Agrecovery so that you can recycle their products for free.

We are a not-for-profit charitable trust. The brands that choose to be part of our programme pay a voluntary levy to cover the cost of recycling their bags. We encourage all agrichemical brands to join and take responsibility for their products and support sustainable agriculture.

Unfortunately, we can’t recycle bags that aren’t properly rinsed and drained.

They will be returned to you for rinsing and draining and you can bring them back for recycling.

Yes, you need to become an Agrecovery member.

Register to join us or call us on 0800 247 326 and we can register you over the phone.

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