Don’t burn or dump – It’s free to recycle!

LDPE bags from participating brands, BASF, Yara, Agritrade, Biolchim New Zealand, Compo Expert, Country Mile, Danken, DeLaval, De Sangosse, Farmlands, Fruitfed Supplies, Grosafe, Horticentre, ICL, Kenso, Nufarm, NZAgbiz, PGG Wrightson, PGG Wrightson Seeds, PGG Wrightson Turf, Ravensdown, Tessenderlo Kerley, Valagro & Van Iperen can be recycled for free at our sites nationwide.

Step 1 – Contact

How do I get involved?

Fill out the form below to order your free liners and coded zip ties for packing the bags into.

Complete the order form

Step 2 – Cleaning

Shake out the bag

Empty bags MUST be given a good shake out, removing all residue. Ensure bags are clean from contamination – both inside and out! For more information on how to prep your plastic for recycling click here. 

Participating Brands

Step 3 – Packing


Put bags into your Agrecovery liner. This should fit 100 bags.

Once full, seal the liner with the zip tie. Each zip tie has a code on it. This is needed for the drop off site so that they can record your recycling in your Agrecovery account.

Store in a dry location.

Acceptance Criteria




Step 4 – Drop off site

Drop your full liners off at your closest site:

All bags are inspected before they can be accepted to ensure the health and safety of site and processing staff, and to ensure plastic is not contaminated for recycling.

There are over 200 collection sites nationwide!



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Drums 61 – 1,000 litres

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Containers 0 – 60 litres

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Watch how LDPE plastic is recycled as pellets for resale into the circular economy as part of Agrecovery’s Small Bag Product Stewardship Scheme.

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You can recycle shaken LDPE bags that contained these products:


All Agritrade branded products sold in small LDPE bags.


Kumulus DF (ACVM Registration P003493); Polyram DF (ACVM Registration P002062)


Green-Go 8.16.24+10 CaO; Green-Go 8.16.40; Green-Go 12.8.24+10 CaO; Green-Go 19.19.19; Green-Go 8.24.16 + 10 CaO; Nov@ Gr; Protamin 7.14; Protamin Gr; Protamin 7.5.14


Blaukorn Classic; Blaukorn Premium; Blaukorn Supreme; Easy Green Mini 12; Easy Green Mini 21; Floranid Twin Club; Floranid Twin Eagle Master; Floranid Twin Turf; Kali Gazon; Novatec Classic; Novatec Premium; Novatec Supreme; Novatec N-Max; Triabon


Magnesium Chloride Prill; Magnesium Chloride Flake


Extracta Herbicides Metsulfuron 600 25kg; Extracta Herbicide Flumetsulam 800 25kg; Extracta Herbicides Atrazine Dry 900 10kg; DK Helazine 750 10kg




Fertigonia 12-12-36; Fertigonia 13-18-11; Fertigonia P 20-9-17; Fertigonia P 28-3-14; Fertigonia P 6-5-30; Microstar C2; Microstar PZ; Microstar Fusion; Brassimax; Bud Complex; Actigreen; Algonia K; Borozinc; Fixa Multi; Kiwifruit Complex


All Farm Guard LDPE liners, sold within a small Woven PP bag can be included.


All Farmlands branded products sold in small LDPE bags.


GroCap; HexaGard 750; Hexagard 750 EXTRA; GroGard


Best Starter; Bud Max


Agroblen Total 17-9-8+4MgO 8-9M; Agrocote Max 43-0-0 3-4M; Agromaster 12-4.8-15-13.6; Agromaster 15-10.5-8.3-3.2+1Mg; Agromaster 2-3M; Agromaster Growth 22-10-10+4MgO+10SO3 5-6M; Agromaster High NK; Ficote Total 17-9-11+2MgO+TE 3-4M; Ficote Total 17-9-11+2MgO+TE 8-9M; Ficote Total 5-6M; Greenmaster Pro-Lite NK 12-0-12+3MgO+2Fe; Greenmaster Pro-Lite Spring & Summer 14-5-10+2MgO; Hydraflo 2; Landscaper Pro All Round; Landscaper Pro Flora; Landscaper Pro New Grass; Landscaper Pro Spring & Summer; Magrimax 23SO3+45MgO; Micromax Premium Trace elements; Nova Pekacid; Osmocote 5 12-14M; Osmocote 5 3-4M; Osmocote 5 5-6M; Osmocote 5 8-9M; Osmocote Bloom 12-7-18+TE 2-3M; Osmocote Exact Lo-Start 15-8-11+2MgO+TE 16-18M; Osmocote Exact Mini 15-9-11+2MgO+TE 3-4M; Osmocote Exact Mini 15-9-11+2MgO+TE 5-6M; Osmocote Exact Protect 14-8-11+2MgO+TE 12-14M; Osmocote Exact Standard 15-9-11+2MgO+TE 12-14M; Osmocote Exact Standard 15-9-11+2MgO+TE 8-9M; Osmocote Exact Standard 15-9-12+2MgO+TE 5-6M; Osmocote Exact Standard 16-9-12+2MgO+TE 3-4M; Osmocote Exact Standard High K 11-11-18+TE 5-6M; Osmocote Exact Standard High K 11-11-18+TE 8-9M; Osmocote Exact Tablet 14-8-10+2MgO+TE 12-14M; Osmocote Exact Tablet 14-8-11+2MgO+TE 8-9M; Osmocote PrePlant 17-8-10+2MgO+TE 16-18M; Osmocote Pro 18-9-10+2MgO+TE 12-14M; Osmocote Pro 18-9-10+2MgO+TE 8-9M; Osmocote Pro 19-9-10+2MgO+TE 3-4M; Osmocote Pro 19-9-10+2MgO+TE 5-6M; Osmocote Pro High K 11-11-19+2Mgo+TE 5-6M; Osmocote Pro High K 11-11-19+2Mgo+TE 8-9M; Osmocote Pro Low P 16-3-16+3MgO+ TE 8-9M; Osmocote Pro Low P 16-3-16+3MgO+TE 12-14M; Osmocote Start 11-11-17+2MgO+TE 6 Weeks; Osmocote Topdress Fusion Technology 22-5-6+2MgO+TE 4-5M; Osmoform 38-0-0 8-10 Weeks; Osmoform NXT 22-5-11+2MgO+TE 8-10 Weeks; Peters Excel CalMag Finisher 14-5-21+7CaO+2MgO+TE; Peters Excel CalMag Grower 15-5-15+7CaO+3MgO+TE; Peters Excel hard Water Grow Special 18-10-10+2MgO+TE; Peters Professional Allrounder 20-20-20+TE; Peters Professional Blosson Booster 10-3-2-+2MgO+TE; Peters Professional Combi-Sol 6-18-36+3MgO+TE; Peters Professional Foliar Feed 27-15-12+TE; Peters Professional Plant Starter 10-52-10+TE; Peters Professional Pot Plant Special 15-11-29+TE; Peters Professional Winter Grow Special 20-10-20+TE; Polysuplhate Granular; Polysuplhate Mini Granular; Polysuplhate Standard; ProTurf 12-5-20+2CaO+2MgO 2M; ProTurf 15-5-15+2CaO+2MgO 2M; ProTurf 20-0-7+6CaO+3MgO 2M; Sierrablen 24-5-10+2Fe 4-5 M; Sierrablen Plus 0-0-39 3-4M; Sierrablen Plus Active 18-5-18+2MgO 4-SM; Sierrablen Plus Active 19-5-18+2Mgo+1fE 3M; Sierrablen Plus Autumn & Winter; Sierrablen Plus Renovator; Sierrablen Plus Spring & Summer; Sierrablen Plus Spring Starter 24-5-8+2Mg) 4-5M; Sierrablen Plus Stress Control 15- 8+2Mg0 3M; Sierrablen Plus Turf Starter; Sierraform GT All Season 18-6-18+2MgO+TE 6-8 Weeks; Sierraform GT Anti-Stress 15-0-26+Fe 6-8 Weeks; Sierraform GT K-Step 6-0-27+2MgO+TE 6-8 Weeks; Sierraform GT Momentum 22-5-11+2MgO+TE 6-8 Weeks; Sierraform GT NK 19-0-10+2MgO+TE 6-8 Weeks; Sportsmaster Base Cal K Mag 0-0-14+13CaO+6MgO; Sportsmaster Base fairway 12-6-9+3CaO+2MgO; Sportsmaster WSF High K 15-0-43+Fe; Sportsmaster WSF High N 35-0-14+Fe; Start&Gro 14-16-18+TE; STEP Hi-Mag Trace element package; Universal Green 23-6-10+2.?MgO+TE; Universal Hard Water 211 23-10-10+2MgO+TE; Universal Hard Water 225 11-10-28+2MgO+TE; Universal Orange 16-5-25+3.4MgO+TE; Universal Soft Water 113R 11-11-31+2CaO+2MgO+TE; Universal Soft Water 213R 14-7-22+5CaO+2MgO+TE; Universal Soft Water 312R 18-7-12+6CaO+2MgO+TE; Universal Violet 10-10-31+3.3MgO+TE; Universal White 15-0-19+9CaO+2MgO+TE; Universal Yellow 12-30-12+2.2MgO+TE; Universol Basis 4-19-35+4.1MgO+TE; Universol Blue 18-11-18+2.5MgO+TE; Universol Jade; Universol Opal; Universol Saphir; Universol Special P 19-6-27+TE


KenUp Dry 680; Ken-Trel 750SG; Velken 900WG; Timberwolf 900WG; Atrazine 900WG


Nu-trazine; Weedmaster Dry


Ancalf; Ancalf Finisher; Anlamb; Nutrilamb & Kid; Nutricalf; Ankid; Bolster; Brutus; Jumpstart; Biosupport; Novolyte


Cosavet Sulphur


Andersons: Tee Time; Nutri DG; Poly Sports; MU-Sports; MUTech; Extend; OxaPro; Pendi Pro; Paclo Pro; Humic DG; Ornamental; Black Gypsum DG; Nutrisphere; New Lawn Starter; Premium Lawn Food
Profile Products: Cellulose; Wood; Wood with Tack; DuraVeg Fibre Matrix; ProMatrix; Flexterra HP-FGM; ProGanics; ProGanics Dual
Wilbur-Ellis: PGG Wrightson Turf – Regen R-8; The Germinator; Distance 45


Glyphosate 680 Dry; Atratec; Terbagran


Potassium Solupotasse; Potassium Granular


All Tradefog LDPE liners, sold within a small Woven PP bag can be included.


Plantafol 0.25.50; Micro NP; Master 13.40.13; Master 20.5.10; Master 15.5.30; Master 18.18.18; Master 3.11.38; Master Supreme Starter; Master Supreme Ripening; Master Supreme Development; Master Supreme Balanced; Master Supreme Flowering; Opifol Vegetative


Calcium Ammonium Nitrate; Folia Urea; Magnesium Nitrate; PatentKali; Potassium Chloride; Urea 46% LBU Urea


Calcinit; Kristalon; Krista K; Croplift; Croplift K; Magtrac DF; Krista MAG; Krista MAP; Krista MKP; Krista SOP; Rexolin

We are working on setting up additional drop-off sites nationwide, so keep an eye on our website to check when a location becomes available near you.

If you live outside of these regions and want to recycle LDPE bags now, please call us 0800 247 326 to discuss your options.

If you have LDPE bags from another brand ask them about joining Agrecovery so that you can recycle their products for free.

We are a not-for-profit charitable trust. The brands that choose to be part of our programme pay a voluntary levy to cover the cost of recycling their bags. We encourage all agrichemical brands to join and take responsibility for their products and support sustainable agriculture.

Unfortunately, we can’t recycle bags that haven’t been shaken out properly to remove excess residue.

They will be returned to you for proper preparation and you can bring them back for recycling.

Yes, you need to become an Agrecovery member.

Register to join us or call us on 0800 247 326 and we can register you over the phone.

It’s free to become an Agrecovery member.

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