Agrecovery’s Small Bags Product Stewardship Scheme is a sustainable solution for recycling seed, feed, and fertiliser bags 25kg and under in size. Bags must be made of either LDPE plastic (#4) or Woven PP plastic (#5).

Eligible bags are free to recycle thanks to the support of participating brand owners but must meet eligibility criteria to be accepted.

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LDPE Bags (#4)

LDPE is a soft, flexible, lightweight, waterproof plastic material.

It has the recycling code number 4.

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Woven PP Bags (#5)

Woven PP consists of polypropylene plastic threads that are woven together, creating a flexible but durable material. It has the recycling code number 5.

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Other Programmes

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Drums 61 – 1,000 litres

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Containers 0 – 60 litres

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