Myles Mullooly and Adriana TusciaGisborne sheep and beef farmer, Myles Mullooly credits much of his recycling to his partner Adriana, who he says is a greenie through and through.

“I tend to let the drench containers build up, but she whips me along and reminds me to get the containers down to the collection site. It’s great to have a place that will take them and you know they’re actually getting recycled.

“We do reuse some of the containers, but there are only so many uses you can find for them. Previously they would have just gone to the dump, so it’s really good to have an alternative.

“We are trying to be good custodians of our farm environment, choosing more natural products where practical, as many people are. Recycling the containers is just another part of that.

Myles and Adrianna supply lamb to the Ovation programme and steers and heifers to Greenlea Meats and Progressive Enterprises.

“We’ve been using Agrecovery for a while now, and the local depot in Matawhero, Gisborne really makes it convenient,” says Myles.

“I don’t know how many farmers are in our neck of the woods but it must add up to a hell of a lot of drench containers.

“I recommend other farmers recycle in this way; the empty containers take up a lot of room and it’s a good way to clean up the drench shed…Its also handy winning $500 just for doing the right thing!”

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