Congratulations to the winners of the Agrecovery Container recycling promotion for February and March 2014!

This year’s winners cover the full spectrum of Agrecovery users across the North and South Islands, including sheep and beef farmers, tree seed suppliers, helicopter sprayers, viticulturalists, onion growers, and grain brokers. Between them, the ten winners have recycled nearly 10,000 kg of container plastic.

The winners, for whom recycling literally paid off:

You can read more about some of our winners by clicking on the links above.

Each winner recycled eligible containers at the listed Agrecovery Container collection site in February and/or March 2014. They each won a $500 voucher to spend with their preferred retail supplier.

Don’t forget to “Rinse, Return, Recycle” your eligible containers at 70 collection sites across New Zealand – find out how here.

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