Jayne Arscott Proseed NZ LtdSeed Orchard Manager Jayne Arscott is pretty clear that Agrecovery is the simplest and most convenient way for Proseed NZ Ltd to get rid of their used herbicide and fungicide containers.

“It’s really simple – we have a set group of staff who do the spraying; they triple rinse the containers as they’re emptied, and then when there’s enough, they take them down to the Amberley collection site. It’s not complicated.”

Proseed NZ Ltd is the principal tree seed supplier in New Zealand and they also export to over 30 countries from their seed orchards in North Canterbury.

According to Jayne, they used to give containers to people who wanted them or took them to the Amberley dump.

“But when PGG Wrightson Amberley told us they were going to be hosting an Agrecovery collection and asked if we wanted to get on board, we were really keen.

“It fits with our clean green image. And winning $500 is a nice bonus!

“I’d certainly recommend other companies do it; it’s just made life easier for us.”

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