Wanganui Farm Supplies manager Scott Morpeth

Wanganui Farm Supplies have been an Agrecovery container drop-off point since 2010. Manager, Scott Morpeth recalls that when they were approached by Agrecovery, they thought it was a such a good idea they didn’t hesitate to get involved.

Established in 1987, Wanganui Farm Supplies is a well-known rural retail outlet. They service the equestrian market, plus sheep, beef and dairy farmers and the horticultural industry.

“Farmers can now recycle their plastic containers whenever we’re open,” says Scott. “Six days a week is a lot more convenient than 3 hours once a month like the old days.”

The Agrecovery programme means farmers no longer need to have containers lying around on their farms, nor do they have to burn them, or dump them in the ground.

“The practice of burning or burying containers is really not acceptable at all nowadays, says Scott. “If we can make it easier for farmers to get rid of the containers with Agrecovery, then we have all done a pretty good job.”

Through the Agrecovery Foundation, the brand owners who distribute agrichemical, animal health and dairy hygiene products into the New Zealand market take responsibility for the disposal of these products and their packaging by funding the service. It doesn’t cost the farmer anything to recycle the packaging with Agrecovery. Containers can be taken to collection sites like Wanganui Farm Supplies and drums can be booked for on-property collection online.

According to Scott Morpeth, being free is important: “If you’ve got a place to take your plastic containers where it’s free and it’s easy, it’s all the more desirable.”

In Scott’s experience there can be hundreds of containers floating around on a farm and he recommends putting them on a trailer or ute when they’re empty and bringing them in to Wanganui Farm Supplies.

Scott says “Small loads are often easier. Whenever a farmer comes into town, they’ve only got to swing past here with 20 or 30 on board to get rid of them. It helps keep their place tidy.”

Good environmental practices should matter to the whole primary industry, but ultimately Scott believes it comes down to the end users. “We’ve got to leave this place to our kids, and plastics don’t break down very quickly on their own. If everyone did their part, the world would be a lot better off” he says.

Scott thinks those who are supporting Agrecovery should be applauded, whether it’s the brand owner or the farmer: “Good on them, I say. It’s good for the country and it keeps the environment clean – so it’s a no brainer really.”


Over 65 brands enable free container recycling through Agrecovery.

Opening hours: Wanganui Farm Supplies are located at 5-9 Church Place, Wanganui and are open Monday to Friday from 7:30am – 5pm and Saturday mornings from 9am – 12noon. There are more than 70 collection sites across New Zealand including Marton, Ohakune, Taihape, Feilding and Wanganui.

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