“Take care of the soil and the soil will take care of you” is the guiding principle at GROLogic, distributors of bio-logical products, and the latest brand owner to join the Agrecovery Container Recycling programme.

The addition of GROLogic brings to 53 the number of brand owners supporting this product stewardship programme for agrichemical, animal health and dairy hygiene plastic containers.

GROLogic distributes bio-stimulants, foliar fertilisers, soil conditioners and surfactants, promoting health and abundance of life in the soil in order to achieve good soil health and in turn, successful crops.

“Our approach is based around sustainable production principles and so it was only logical for us to join the Agrecovery programme,” says Sharon Fitzgerald, Director of GROLogic.

“It means we’re taking care of the environment as well as the soil.”

The Agrecovery Container programme accepts empty triple rinsed plastic containers from 1 – 60 litres. Containers from brand owners who support the programme, like GROLogic, can be recycled for free at 70 collection sites around the country.

“The reality is that it takes both the supplier and the grower to acknowledge the need to responsibly dispose of product packaging, and we’re pleased to give our customers the opportunity to do the right thing,” says Sharon.

“It’s another step up for our environmental and sustainability practices.”

According to Agrecovery figures, the programme has seen a 49% increase in the volume of container plastic collected between July 2010 to June 2011, as compared to the same period in the previous year. This reflects a record 121,150 kg of container plastic sent for processing here in New Zealand.

Sharon admits GROLogic had been watching the success of the Agrecovery programme for awhile and in particular the expansion of the collection network.

“We’re pleased to see the large number of collection sites giving excellent access to recycling for our customers, right across the country. It’s critical given the growing importance of quality assurance programmes.”

Agrecovery’s online Smart Member Services allows growers and farmers to download fully auditable reports of their recycling activity or to request these via the freephone number. Agrecovery is certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Standard and accredited as a product stewardship programme by the Minister for the Environment under the Waste Minimisation Act. This means reports carry real weight and can also simplify the audit process for both the grower and the auditor.

“I believe Agrecovery really adds value to our business, providing a good service for our customers, but it also shows we’re committed to sustainability.

“The two things work hand in hand.”

Agrecovery also provides recycling and recovery programmes for large drums, silage wrap and crop protection net, as well as a safe disposal programme for unwanted or expired agrichemicals.