South Canterbury farmers safely disposed of eight tonnes of waste at an inaugural one-stop recycling and recovery event in Geraldine on May 31, and are pushing for more action to sustainably clear waste from rural communities.

In efforts to avoid harmful disposal practices such as burning, burying or storing, rural recycling programme Agrecovery partnered with Plasback to deliver these one-stop-shop recycling events. They are part of the New Zealand Rural Waste Minimisation Project led by Environment Canterbury, with support from the Ministry for the Environment – trialling new ways of supporting farmers and growers to recycle inorganic waste.

More than fifty local farmers brought two tonnes of agrichemical containers and drums; one and a half tonnes of agrichemicals; three tonnes of used motor oil; and one tonne of fertiliser bags on the day and at on-farm collections carried out as part of the event.

“These farmers demonstrate a commendable commitment to the safe recovery and recycling of waste, by preparing it for disposal and bringing it in on the day,” says Agrecovery General Manager Simon Andrew.

“It sends the clear message that farmers are invested in being good stewards of their land and are willing to make a little effort to help preserve the environment.”

Project Manager for the New Zealand Rural Waste Minimisation Project, Fraser Scott of True North Consulting, says the event was “run very efficiently and smoothly,” and that feedback from attendees was “overwhelmingly positive”.

Attendees were supportive of the ‘one-stop-shop’ approach for rural waste. “Surveyed farmers reported that dealing with all of their waste at once was an easy and convenient option,” says Scott.

These farmers felt that rural waste events should be held regularly – one or two a year.  Many committed to encouraging their neighbours to participate in future events too, notes Scott.


For further information please contact:

Simon Andrew

General Manager, Agrecovery Foundation

04 494 9197

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