Source: Crop Life International

CropLifeInfoProduct packaging plays an essential role in ensuring that crop protection products are delivered safely to the intended customers. The containers in which products are sold are part of the plant science industry’s life-cycle approach to product stewardship. The industry is committed to ensuring that all containers are treated and disposed of safely and appropriately.

Since the early nineties, the crop protection industry has implemented empty container collection programs in over 40 countries and more than 25 pilot programs in Eastern Europe as well as developing countries have now been initiated. Farmers in countries where there is a Container Management Programme return 66% of all plastic containers shipped. The majority of this plastic is recycled into safe end uses. The goal, by 2020, is to continuously improve the farmer return rate, and the number of countries with container management programs, collecting 50% of all the containers shipped into the global market and strive to recycle as much as feasible of the collected containers.

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You can also download their Container Management Fact Sheet