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Synergy containers eligible for free recycling standard

Containers from the Synergy brand, a range of agricultural products exclusive to Farmlands, are eligible for free recycling through the Agrecovery Container programme. As with all containers from the 54 supporting brand owners, containers must be empty, triple rinsed and from 1 – 60 litres in size. To be eligible containers must still have their label. Click here for more information about the Container programme… Click here for a list of supporting brand owners… Click here to locate your local container collection site…

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GROLogic joins Agrecovery standard

“Take care of the soil and the soil will take care of you” is the guiding principle at GROLogic, distributors of bio-logical products, and the latest brand owner to join the Agrecovery Container Recycling programme. The addition of GROLogic brings to 53 the number of brand owners supporting this product stewardship programme for agrichemical, animal health and dairy hygiene plastic containers. GROLogic distributes bio-stimulants, foliar fertilisers, soil conditioners and surfactants, promoting health and abundance of life in the soil in order to achieve good soil health and in turn, successful crops. “Our approach is based around sustainable production principles and so it was only logical for us to join the Agrecovery programme,” says Sharon Fitzgerald, Director of GROLogic. “It means ...

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Agrecovery, it’s just part of the routine standard

Founded in 1975, LeaderBrand is recognised as one of New Zealand’s largest and most diversified horticultural and fresh food businesses. With farms located in Gisborne and Canterbury, LeaderBrand is the largest grower, packer, and shipper of buttercup squash (Kabocha) in the world, and the largest grower, packer, and shipper of broccoli, lettuce and fresh sweetcorn in New Zealand. They are also one of the largest growers of ‘Gisborne Chardonnay’ and Pinot Gris grapes. “The highly discerning Japanese market is a large scale export customer and the protocols they require are applied to all LeaderBrand produce,” explains the company’s Annual Crop Manager Richard Burke (pictured). “We’re certified with NZGAP and have a certified HACCP-based food safety programme. We also conduct regular ...

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New look advertising standard

Agrecovery now has a new look for its advertising! Over the early years of the Agrecovery programme advertising focused on informing potential programme users what services Agrecovery offered and how to use them. Now the programme is more established, advertising is moving to a simpler message; a strong call to action! Keep an eye out for our new advertising in various industry publications from October onwards. Click here to view a sample advert.

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