New Zealand Rural Waste
Minimisation Project


One-Stop Shop events allow farmers and growers to sustainably clear a variety of farm waste in one go.

Rural communities can recycle or sustainably dispose of agrichemical containers and drums, unwanted agrichemicals, used motor oil, and seed, feed and fertiliser bags.

With backing from the Ministry for the Environment, we are offering farmers and growers the chance to repurpose this waste into useful new materials or sustainably recover what can’t be recycled.

These events are part of the New Zealand Rural Waste Minimisation Project which aims to preserve the environment by finding ways for rural communities to better manage on-farm waste and remove some of the recycling challenges they face.


We will be holding events in the Taranaki region on the following dates:


STRATFORD      – Tues 11 MAY

SOUTH TARANAKI (Hawera) – Wed 12 MAY

How to get involved

Step 1: Are you a member?

If you’re not already an Agrecovery member, register so you can participate in the events.  The process is quick, free and does not commit
you to participate in any other Agrecovery services.

Step 2: Fill in your details and what you wish to bring

Once logged in as an Agrecovery member, go to the ‘One-Stop Shop Event’ tab. Only members within the catchment areas can register to participate.

Fill in the details, including which types of waste you wish to bring. If you have agrichemicals for disposal, provide details on each chemical. We recommend taking an inventory first.

Select a time slot.

What’s next?

After registering, you will receive additional information on how to prepare your waste and what to do next. For more information, see the criteria for each waste item below.

After the events, the information gathered will be used to investigate longer-term solutions for effectively and sustainably managing rural waste.

For further information on the One-Stop Shop events or help with registering, call us on 0800 AGRECOVERY or email

for drop
off will

    • Unwanted and unused agricultural chemicals
    • Empty agrichemical containers & drums, as per existing agrecovery programme
    • Waste oil from agricultural users
    • Woven polypropylene e.g. fertiliser & feed bags

See our acceptance criteria for each waste stream.

Preparing large drums

Here are some tips on how to prepare your large drums to ensure acceptance for recycling at our One-Stop shop events.


  • Plastic, 61L – 1000L in size
  • Triple-rinsed
  • Clean, dry and free from residue inside and out
  • Product label left on
  • Bung removed

This is free for products from participating brands

See our video on how to triple rinse drums

Woven polypropylene bags

How to prepare your woven polypropylene bags e.g. seed, fertiliser and feed bags to ensure acceptance at our One-Stop shop events.


  • Free of any fertiliser residue
  • Minimum external contamination e.g. mud and grass
  • Bundled inside a seed, fertiliser or feed bag and not loose

These bags are free to recycle

Preparing containers

Prepare your agrichemical containers to ensure acceptance on the day:

  • Plastic, 0-60 litres in size
  • Triple-rinsed
  • Clean, dry and free from residue inside and out
  • Product label left on
  • Lid removed

Triple-rinsing guide

This is free for products from participating brands

Agrichemical disposal

If you have agrichemicals for disposal at the events, you will need to provide details on each of the chemicals you wish to bring. Check if you already have chemicals booked in for collection with us.

Chemicals must be booked using our online registration system and specific product details are needed, see chemical disposal.

Agrichemicals must be transported in containers that are not damaged, leaking or split and must be segregated.

Disposal is free for up to 150 litres in total per registrant, and:

  • chemicals are from participating brands
  • some legacy chemicals
    –  depending on the funding available for each district

Waste oil

Waste oil from agricultural users is free to recycle for containers less than 20L in size.

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