Agrecovery is excited to announce that PGG Wrightson Turf is the newest brand to become part of Agrecovery’s LDPE Product Stewardship Scheme. They join Valagro and our two founding brands of the scheme – BASF and Yara.

You can now recycle low density polyethylene bags (LDPE or No.4 plastic) from these four brands for FREE!*

How do I get involved?

The Agrecovery LDPE recovery programme allows farmers and growers to responsibly recycle approved No.4 plastic bags for free. Bags must be 25kgs and under and from participating brands – BASF, Yara, Valagro and PGG Wrightson Turf.

Contact Agrecovery on 0800 247 326 or to order your liners and coded zip ties and follow the steps below to properly prepare your bags for recycling.

Please note: Empty bags MUST be given a good shake out to remove all powder or crystal residue. Bags and liners will be inspected before they can be accepted. View full acceptance criteria.

*What bags can I recycle?


Kumulus DF (ACVM Registration P003493); Polyram DF (ACVM Registration P002062)


Calcinit; Kristalon; Krista K; Croplift; Croplift K; Magtrac DF; Krista MAG; Krista MAP; Krista MKP; Krista SOP; Rexolin


Plantafol 0.25.50; Micro NP; Master 13.40.13; Master 20.5.10; Master 15.5.30; Master 18.18.18; Master 3.11.38; Master Supreme Starter; Master Supreme Ripening; Master Supreme Development; Master Supreme Balanced; Master Supreme Flowering; Opifol Vegetative


Andersons: Tee Time; Nutri DG; Poly Sports; MU-Sports; MUTech; Extend; OxaPro; Pendi Pro; Paclo Pro; Humic DG; Ornamental; Black Gypsum DG; Nutrisphere; New Lawn Starter; Premium Lawn Food
Profile Products: Cellulose; Wood; Wood with Tack; DuraVeg Fibre Matrix; ProMatrix; Flexterra HP-FGM; ProGanics; ProGanics Dual
Wilbur-Ellis: PGG Wrightson Turf – Regen R-8; The Germinator; Distance 45

Drop-off locations

When your Agrecovery liner is full, simply drop it off at any of our LDPE collection sites for free. View a full list of sites.

We also offer on-farm pick up in the Auckland, Wairarapa and Nelson regions. Please call Agrecovery on 0800 247 326 to arrange collection.

Not in these locations? We can still send you an Agrecovery liner to collect your LDPE bags for storage until a drop-off location becomes available. Please call us for more information.