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Double win for rural recyclers standard

Agrecovery Rural Recycling has scored a double win for farmers and growers with the introduction of on-farm collection for large drums and with dairy hygiene brand GEA FIL joining the programme. The new service offers free on-property collection for empty drums and IBCs (from 61 to 1000 litres) from fourteen participating brand owners of agrichemical and dairy products. The brands are Agrisource, Adama (formerly Agronica), Bayer, BioAg, Donaghys, Etec Crop Solutions, FIL, Farmguard, Orion Crop Protection, Post-Harvest Solutions, Ravensdown, Synergy, Syngenta and Yara. More brands are expected to join as customer demand grows. “A solution for larger packaging is a natural next step for Agrecovery,” says Adrienne Wilcock, who represents DairyNZ on the Agrecovery Foundation. “Large scale farmers, spray contractors ...

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Target 230! standard

Our target, your challenge… Over 8 years Agrecovery members have recycled nearly 1 million kilogrammes of plastic containers. Congratulations if you have contributed to this result! Our current target is to collect 230 tonnes in the 12 months ending June 2015. By 2017 we’re aiming for 330 tonnes, or about 50% of all the packaging sold by our participating brands. We won’t achieve these targets with a ‘business as usual approach’, so we’re asking all industry members to accept our challenge to make burning and burying plastic a thing of the past, and get recycling! How can you help reach Target 230? Already recycling? Great, but are all your containers eligible for free recycling? Could you encourage other suppliers to ...

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