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Agrecovery on Country99 TV standard

Country99 TV’s Sector Report for Tuesday 31 May 2011 covered a topic close to our hearts here at Agrecovery: Recycling! Gareth Mentzer, National Operations Manager for Agrecovery, spoke to reporter Drew Chappell. You can view the full Sector Report here on YouTube. Alternatively, watch the Agrecovery segment below. Please note, the report suggests that the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard sets the international standard for container recycling. In fact, international best practice for agrichemical container product stewardship is set by Crop Life International. Agrecovery’s adherence to these standards is however audited to the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.

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Authority revokes approvals for fungicide quintozene standard

The Environmental Risk Management Authority has revoked the approvals for the fungicide quintozene, due to dioxin impurities. Quintozene is used commercially on seedlings, bulbs and recreational turf in New Zealand. The decision to review the substance came after dioxin impurities were found in quintozene products in Australia at levels that may have presented health risks to workers who frequently applied them. Dioxins are on the list of substances covered by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. As a party to the Convention, New Zealand is committed to reducing releases of dioxin to the environment. Only one quintozene-containing product, Terraclor 75 WP, is registered in New Zealand. Importer Nufarm took steps to ensure no new stock was imported or sold ...

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