Video Competition Entries


During April, May and June 2017, Agrecovery held a video competition for rural kids and schools to highlight what is being done to improve environmental performance on-farm, and to raise awareness of Agrecovery Rural Recycling in its 10th year of operation.

You can watch the submitted videos below.

Winners of the competition will be announced before the end of June 2017.

Pye Family

Category: Family
Video Id: AG0001
Video Name: Pye Family
Submitted 18 May 2017

Jonty Pye, 10 years
Bridget Pye, 11 years
Sophie Pye, 14 years

School nominated: Winchester Rural School


Sayer Family

Category: Family
Video Id: AG0005
Video Name: Sayer Family
Submitted 31 May 2017

Samantha Sayer, 9 years
Alana Sayer, 12 years

School nominated: St Joseph’s School, Opotiki


Motueka High School Teen Ag Club

Category: School
Video Id: AG0003
Video Name: Motueka High School Teen Ag Club
Submitted 31 May 2017

Jasmine Wood, 15 years
Megan O’Cain, 15 years
Maya Gavalas, 13 years
Molly Faulkner, 16 years

School nominated: Motueka High School


Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

Category: School
Video Id: AG0004
Video Name: Rangi Ruru Girls’ School
Submitted 31 May 2017

Phoebe Sugrue, 14 years
Sophie Pye, 14 years
Zofia Klar, 14 years

School nominated: Rangi Ruru Girls’ School


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