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Farming for the future pays off early for vineyard standard

Winning isn’t new for Marlborough’s Marisco Vineyards, but it’s normally their wine that wins, not their recycling activity. Farmers and growers who recycled their containers and drums with Agrecovery during a four month period were entered into a $5000 travel prize draw.  Anton Rasmussen, Marisco’s General Manager for Viticulture, was very happy to hear they had won. “Most of our wines are sold internationally so the prize will be a huge help for owner Brent Marris and his team travelling overseas to promote the Marisco brand. “We’ve been using Agrecovery since it started so it’s a nice pay off for doing something we believe in.” Legacy is an important element for Marisco Vineyards: “We have nearly 2400 ha over four ...

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