These projects seek to divert more rural waste from landfill, by seeking sustainable end-of-life management solutions for veterinary medicines and household pest and weed control products and their packaging. This work will extend our existing recycling scheme for commercial agrichemicals to include veterinary medicines and household weed and pest control products.

Our current scheme operates for manufacturers who voluntarily commit to product stewardship.  With agrichemicals being declared priority products, all agrichemicals must become part of a regulated product stewardship scheme under the Waste Minimisation Act.

The scope

All agrichemicals and their containers, up to and including 1000 litres in size, or equivalent packaging for dry goods that are used for:

  • any horticulture, agricultural and livestock production, including veterinary medicines
  • industrial, utility, infrastructure and recreational pest and weed control
  • forestry
  • household pest and weed control operations
  • similar activities conducted or contracted by local and central government authorities.

This includes but is not limited to all substances that require registration under the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act 1997, whether current or expired, and their containers (packaging), which are considered hazardous until they have been triple-rinsed.


Pesticides Need to be part of the programme within 1 year 2021 – August
Veterinary medicines 3 year timeframe to become part of a stewardship scheme 2023
Household pest and
weed control products
3 year timeframe to phase into a scheme 2023

How this is being done

We will work with industry to determine how many of these products exist in the New Zealand market and what happens to them at the end of their useful life.  We will then develop and analyse the options for recycling them, and make recommendations to the Ministry for the Environment on the design of the preferred product stewardship schemes for veterinary medicines and for household weed and pest control products.